Sunday, May 3, 2009

Princess cupcakes for Kitko's 7th birthday

Baked a set of princess theme cupcakes for my little cousin's 7th birthday party. With a princess doll, magic wand, crown, dainty ribbons as well as little cute animal toppers. The cupcakes were a hit with both the kids as well as the adults. The birthday girl kitko couldn't even bare to part with her princess doll. So cute :) 

Turtle and butterfly cupcake topper made out of fondant  

Blue ribbon made from fondant too. Handmade by my younger sister, elena. Nice right? 

'7' for the birthday girl turning 7 years old. 

Little lady bugs 

Princess crown with pink jewels 

Cute little toad stool 

Butterflies and flowers 

Crown and magic wand 

More ribbons! can't get enough of them

I attempted to make a rainbow. Does it look like it?? haha..not a very good attempt. 

The above mentioned princess doll, kitko couldn't bare to part with. 

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