Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chocolate delight with banana surprise

Boy is that quite a mouthful. I baked this for a girlfriend's birthday. 
I'm so glad she likes it. 

3 layers of light chocolate sponge, layered with bittersweet chocolate ganache, flambe toffee bananas and cream cheese. Topped with a glossy layer of chocolate glaze. 

Decorated with white chocolate stripes and three yellow handpainted peonies-made from gum paste (commonly used for flowers) 

Gum paste is perfectly edible, made from icing sugar and liquid glucose. 

The sweet and chewy texture of the flambed bananas provides a nice surprise to the tastebuds.
Sweetness of the bananas complement the buttersweet nature of the chocolate ganache, plus the slight tartness of the cream cheese prevents this cake from being overtly sweet and chocolately. 


  1. A perfect cake for a chocolate lover.

    I liked the rich chocolate taste with banana and cheese. Marvelous combination of bitter chocolate and sweet banana makes the cake not too sweet unlike most of the cakes in the market. Thats wat i appreciated; chocolaty, yet neither too sweet nor bitter.

    Im surprised that the cream cheese blended well with the chocolate sponge cake. Coz normally a cake is either a cheese cake or a sponge cake, and sponge cake usually doesnt come with cream cheese. So its quite smth new to me and the outcome was surprisingly good.

    The design was simple yet artistic. I liked the flowers colors, which made it had a glowing effect of sunshine. The overall design gave me a feeling that it was baked for somebody who's bubbly and cheerful. It gives me that kind of feeling. And i loved the blue little big ribbon that was tied to the cake. Isnt it cute?

    Yeah, im the birthday gal and the cake was baked for me. I loved the cake, row. Thanks for designing & baking it specially for me and painstakingly delivered it to holland V. Your cake was really great. Keep up the good job!!

  2. the flower is pretty...did you make that?

  3. Shuyan: Thank you. :) So sweet of you.

    Danny: yes, i made the flowers, then hand painted the orange details.