Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden princess cupcakes

The client specifically wanted dragonflies, as he stated that it's one of his girlfriend's favourites things. When I ask what is the ocassion for the cupcakes, he said "no occassion, just wanted to give her a gift" I was thinking to myself "so sweet..." Hope the girlfriend likes it. :) 

Here's the list of cupcake toppers I made for this assembly of cupcakes.

Cupcake topper: ladybugs on leaf 

Cupcake topper: light blue dragonfly with flowers 

Cupcake topper: peach coloured dragonfly with flowers

Cupcake topper: rainbow

Cupcake topper: yellow and red toadstool 

Cupcake topper: turtle with butterfly

Cupcake topper: sweet hearts 

Cupcake topper: blue and yellow dragonfly with flowers 

Cupcake topper: crown with pink jewels

Cupcake topper: crown and magic wand 

Cupcake topper: butterflies and flowers 


  1. I really loved them Rowena! They taste as good as they look:) The dragonflies especially... I already have colleagues asking where they can order some for themselves!

  2. Hi Rowena, thanks for helping me with the order. I really do appreciate all the effort into making it so perfect. Thanks again and see you when I am back.

  3. Thank you both Joanne and Jiarong. I'm glad both of you like it. :) and thanks for the little word of mouth "promotion".