Friday, May 29, 2009

Pricing & Delivery



  • 500g -$23
  • 1kg -$37
  • 1.5Kg -$56
  • 500g -$24
  • 1kg -$39
  • 1.5Kg -$58


-minimum order of $25 (20 pieces or 15cm high)

-minimum order of 34 pieces or 5 layers ($30)
-maximum order of 200 pieces or 60cm ($220 for caramel/$275 for chocolate)
-either chocolate or caramel coating (+$5 for chocolate coating)
-creme patissiere filling

Single-serve dessert

(minimum order of 6 pieces)

-$4 each

-$5 each

-$3 each for simple icing
-$5 each for cupcake toppers
(colours of icing can be customised for no extra cost, customised cupcake toppers will also be $5)


-$1 each
-macaron flavours can be customised to suit your desire at $0.50 extra for each macaron
-minimum order of 16 for customised macaron flavour

-$7 for each set

Delivery is free for all orders above $100

For orders below $100:
delivery to west, central areas is $5
delivery to the north and east area is $10

Another option is: self-collection
Self collection is only avaliable at Jurong point.

Pistachio macarons

Pistachio macarons

My latest flavour. pistachio shell, pistachio cream filling. 
Basically pistachio madness. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chocolate delight with banana surprise

Boy is that quite a mouthful. I baked this for a girlfriend's birthday. 
I'm so glad she likes it. 

3 layers of light chocolate sponge, layered with bittersweet chocolate ganache, flambe toffee bananas and cream cheese. Topped with a glossy layer of chocolate glaze. 

Decorated with white chocolate stripes and three yellow handpainted peonies-made from gum paste (commonly used for flowers) 

Gum paste is perfectly edible, made from icing sugar and liquid glucose. 

The sweet and chewy texture of the flambed bananas provides a nice surprise to the tastebuds.
Sweetness of the bananas complement the buttersweet nature of the chocolate ganache, plus the slight tartness of the cream cheese prevents this cake from being overtly sweet and chocolately. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden princess cupcakes

The client specifically wanted dragonflies, as he stated that it's one of his girlfriend's favourites things. When I ask what is the ocassion for the cupcakes, he said "no occassion, just wanted to give her a gift" I was thinking to myself "so sweet..." Hope the girlfriend likes it. :) 

Here's the list of cupcake toppers I made for this assembly of cupcakes.

Cupcake topper: ladybugs on leaf 

Cupcake topper: light blue dragonfly with flowers 

Cupcake topper: peach coloured dragonfly with flowers

Cupcake topper: rainbow

Cupcake topper: yellow and red toadstool 

Cupcake topper: turtle with butterfly

Cupcake topper: sweet hearts 

Cupcake topper: blue and yellow dragonfly with flowers 

Cupcake topper: crown with pink jewels

Cupcake topper: crown and magic wand 

Cupcake topper: butterflies and flowers 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate Macarons filled with chocolate ganache

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy chocolate inards on the inside, creamy chocolate ganache. An explosion on your tastes buds. 

About The little cake box

The Little Cake Box is created by me; an avid baker, who loves all things beautiful, loves to create beautiful and scrumptious cakes for all occasions. At the age of 16 I was exposed to baking and have fell in love with baking ever since. Armed with only a limited amount of professional kitchen experience in a bakery, a business degree, lots of extensive reading up on books, consistently experimenting with new creations, The Little Cake Box is where I am now. 

The Little Cake Box aims to provide customised celebration cakes for all occasions. Whatever design or theme your heart desires, I would attempt to create it. Please browse through some of my creations which are listed here. Seen anything you like? Then email me!

More macarons

After more attempts in perfecting macarons, i think have finally did it. Thank God! 
3 different fillings. 

classic traditional jam-
with sprinkling of pistachio nuts on the top  

chocolate ganache 

italian buttercream 

Next post would most probably be on chocolate macarons. :) 
Tip of those who wants to attempt making it. The secret is in the egg whites.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Siena Torte

Siena Torte-1.5kg heavy

The top surface is blowtorched to create a tiled effect and thus named after the mosaics and facades of buildings found in northern Italy's cities' deep history like Siena. Hence the name Siena Torte. 

  • 3 layers of thinly sliced pistachio sponge cake-heavenly taste of pistachios due to our homemade pistachio paste.
  • filled with chocolate cream and apricot cream-made from bittersweet chocolate as well as apricot puree. 
  • topped with a thin layer of italian meringue and then blowtorched to create a mosaic or tiled efffect. 

How do i order?

Seen anything you like? Would like to order some of my creations?

To order or for quotes

Please email me:


  1. Item and Quantity
  2. Theme or any other special requests
  3. Name, to whom as well as contact details
  4. Date of collection/delivery

Thursday, May 14, 2009


No, Montblanc does not refer the luxury writing instrument brand. Montblanc here is taken in reference to the highest mountain in the Alps and in western Europe. (Taken from wikipedia)
How so? Topped with white italian meringue-which tastes oh so light and fluffy. Almost like the snowcapped Montblanc mountain. 

Then carefully blow-torched for a nice golden brown colour. Decorated with blueberries for a nice colour contrast.  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day cake-Coffee Mill

This mother's day i baked this cake specially for my mom, incorporating her favourite ingredient-Coffee! 

Thus the name: Coffee Mill

Robust whole coffee beans were steeped in hot milk for a strong coffee taste. A dome shaped cake, with dark chocolate poured over the top for a rustic look. Topped with lemon flavoured french macaroons. Chocolate hearts and other decorations made by my younger sister elena. 

3 hidden layers inside this big dark dome. 
The bottom layer-genoise sponge cake
2nd layer-royal honey Choya parfait (dessert of ice cream and fruit)
top layer-bavaroise au cafe (cold gelatin and whipped cream dessert)

Pink Kitchen Aid!

I've been lusting over this kitchen aid mixer for ages. It's PINK!  And i finally got it today!! 
Isn't it adorable? Very functional, adorable and it every supports a cause too!  It is a special addition-the cook for the cure in support of the breast cancer movement. So with every purchase of this artisan mixer $50 dollars is donated to the breast cancer movement.   

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Princess cupcakes for Kitko's 7th birthday

Baked a set of princess theme cupcakes for my little cousin's 7th birthday party. With a princess doll, magic wand, crown, dainty ribbons as well as little cute animal toppers. The cupcakes were a hit with both the kids as well as the adults. The birthday girl kitko couldn't even bare to part with her princess doll. So cute :) 

Turtle and butterfly cupcake topper made out of fondant  

Blue ribbon made from fondant too. Handmade by my younger sister, elena. Nice right? 

'7' for the birthday girl turning 7 years old. 

Little lady bugs 

Princess crown with pink jewels 

Cute little toad stool 

Butterflies and flowers 

Crown and magic wand 

More ribbons! can't get enough of them

I attempted to make a rainbow. Does it look like it?? haha..not a very good attempt. 

The above mentioned princess doll, kitko couldn't bare to part with.