Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baking wedding favours-cookies

These are just some sample cookies i made for a potential client's wedding. Hope she likes it. :) 

Bride cookie-hand drawn and hand painted
I simply love the boldness of the red. It's so eye-catching. 

Gown cookies in white, with sugar blossoms and ribbons. Simply a classic-quiet & understated. 

Tiered wedding cake cookies decorated with pear sparkles, ribbons and sugar blossoms.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After several hours of hard work later: 



Croquembouche is a French cake traditionally made to celebrate christening or a wedding. It
 comes from the French "croquant"-meaning crackling and "bouche" for mouth. Referring to the crackling of the mouth sensation when eating this French dessert. 

It is made up of profiteroles (small cream puffs) filled with creme patissiere held together by delicate swirl of caramel spun cobwebs. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On to serious business

My motto :  Whatever theme cake your heart desires, I would attempt to create it

Customized Celebration cakes


Elaborate celebration cakes (1-3 tier cakes)

Mini-Cupcakes for special occasions


Would normally take up to 3-5days for completion-advanced reservation is required 


Procedure starts off with a sit down discussion with the client on what kind of theme or cake they would like.

  1. Find out about the likes and hobbies of recipient
  2. What occasion it is for-wedding, birthday, baby shower etc
  3. Costing and budgeting 


Costing and budgeting

  •  Calculation based on man-hours put in
  • Cost of materials
  • Difficulty of the cake 



First Postings

My first posting for this blog. Mixed feelings here and there. Not sure what challenges would be ahead of me. But it would definately be exciting. I can't wait to start already. 

Okay, Let's go!